The following financial planning resources contain helpful information on financial planning, wealth building, retirement and estate planning, using credit wisely, debt elimination, college funding options and more:

Planning for Retirement: Dedicated to helping retirees know their benefits and rights, search the American Association of Retired Persons.

Ameritrade: Online discount brokerage services for self-directed investors. Educational platform for beginner and expert investors.

Bankrate: Free tools, expert analysis, calculators to help determine mortgage, college, and retirement funding.

Betterment: Automated investing service that provides auto investing using asset allocations, goal setting, and low-cost portfolio management.

Blackrock: World’s largest asset manager (TSP) that invests on behalf of companies, government entities, etc. employees retirement, education, and a better life.

Fidelity: The fourth largest mutual fund and financial services group in America. Offers online trading brokerage for IRAs, retirement planning, EFTs, mutual funds and more.

Forbes: Business magazine features articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing.

Investopedia: The world’s leading source of financial education and content on the web, ranging from market news to retirement planning.

iQquantifi: A program that assists individuals build a financial plan around specific goals – a virtual financial advisor.

Mint: Know what’s in your wallet and what you are spending. Mint is a basic level free budgeting software. Let’s you track your spending to achieve financial goals.

myFICO: The Fair Isaac Company is the leader is credit score reporting agencies. Know the composition of your credit score, your rights, and steps to improve your score.

Robinhood: Maximize technology to make self-directed investment trades with $0 commissions.

The Online Investor: A step-by-step guide and resource to show beginning and experienced investors how to use their personal computer to access stock and company information to set up an investment plan that meets their needs.

Thrift Savings Plan: Retirement savings and investment plan for Federal employees. Learn about the funds, asset allocations, withdrawals and more.

Social Security Administration: Learn about social security benefits, requirements, access publications, calculators, and applications.

You Need A Budget: You Need a Budget is an online active budgeting software. Let’s you track your spending and provides alerts before and when you go over budget. Tools help you achieve financial goals.